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12 Amazing Web Design Trends For 2020

Web Design Trends
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Web design appeals to the first visitor impression of your business. Great design can help you increase sales numbers. Understanding web design trends will be useful to define the design requirements of your website.

Keep reading and I’ll show you the web design trends in 2020

1. Dark mode – A Modern Web Design Trend

Dard mode is the undoubted web design trend in 2019 and it seems that it continues trending in 2020

 As you can see, the top apps and websites have a dark mode. For example YouTube, Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp, Instagram, Viber, and Chrome, as well as the latest releases of Android and Apple operating systems

 The dark mode seems to positively affect the device’s battery life and energy consumption. Meanwhile, it reduces the use of light pixels, which in turn lowers the overall brightness of a screen, causing less eyestrain, and easing reading.

 To create a wonderful website, mix dark mode with white elements and clean graphics and typography. You can add accent color schemes, some vibrant or glowing neon typography

2. Minimalist, Simple, and White Space Design

Minimalism is one of the classic design trends. For example, the online store pages as Apple website are very modern, simple, and clean. It allows the brand to make products more impression. The product is the center of attention. With this design, the main objective is to sell and advertise the product.

As for the web and with this same principle, we find a casual style with blank spaces and simple elements to avoid distracting attention. This style is clean, understandable.

3. HandwrittenTypography

Design trends

Although it contradicts the minimalism mentioned above, nowadays people are enjoying the creative from typography. Typography is becoming an artistic element instead of simple information. The key to making typography design is to choose the right types and limit letters used. You should combine them with the style of the design artist.

4. 3D Elements

The visual impact is the most important part of web design. People tend to watch video and movement instead of reading information. 3D elements are the best way to use. They make a website more colorful and plain. 3D elements are fun, engaging, and tend to keep visitors longer on the website. It’s beneficial for E-commerce, where 3D imagery can be used to present products from various perspectives.  Don’t get it overexcited while adding it to your website. Because 3D elements can be heavy to load. This can sink your website’s SEO efforts.

5. Artistic Illustrations

Artistic Illustrations with line-style drawing and hints of animation – are more popular. Whether it’s drawn icons, cartoonish illustrations, or handwritten lettering, technology in recent years is all about bringing emotions, humanity, and personal touch. Moreover, hand-drawn graphics radiate positivity, soulfulness, and easy-going.

6. Soft shadows, layers, and floating elements

design trends

Using shadows, layers, and floating elements are all about creating depth.  shadows and floating elements add interest like a 3D look.  You can use this effect with text and photo. These effects make people surf website feel lightweight

Layers, layers, and more layers.  This trend often includes multiple overlapping elements. You can over boxes, images, videos, backgrounds.  It’s a nice way to organize a lot of different elements and content types in a unified manner.

7. Luminous color schemes

 Web design is continually becoming more bold and daring, use neon and highly saturated colors mix the darker. Glowing, neon colors such as purples, blues, and pinks will make your website look modern and futuristic. With deeper and darker mode, these luminous colors will pop out from screens, forging a bold and daring appearance of your site

8. Full-page headers

This is because the users usually pay their attention on the top-left of your page. Website is popularly set up adding key word or call-to-action button to the left of the header with beautiful images on the right. This setup is more popular nowadays.

9. Black and White – A Vintage Web Design Trend

Black and white web designs will continue to be trendy. These website will include line art and typography. Portfolio websites and legal websites will utilize this trend more to create clean, modern, and crisp web design. To avoid your website getting dull, add some high-quality black and white photographs or artistic illustrations.

10. Gradients

 Gradients are comback intensely in 2020. It are the gradual transitions from one color to another. In this year, gradients combines multiple colors with text. This trend is everywhere. Combining multiple colors that create contrast and helps the contemplation of your message. For example , Apple also use gradient colors to convey a security image when making payments.

11. Grid design

Grid Desgin will become more popular in 2020. Many top designers use CSS Grid Layout to bring all the capabilities of print layout to the web.Grid allows web designers to create layouts for complex responsive web design more easily and consistently across browsers.

12. Bold fonts

Bold fonts are a good choice for showing their faces in many places — from brand names to landing page headings.

Make sure to choose a typeface that matches your brand, your audience, and the goal that you have for your company.

Make sure to also choose an easy-to-read typeface for the body text of any content you have on your site. The readability of your text is one of the essential factors in improving your site’s UX.


I hope that you can choose one of the greatest designs for your website that I have collected here.

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