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Choosing a WordPress theme: Do and Don’t

Choosing a WordPress Theme
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There are various WordPress themes that exist out there. They are from simple to extremely complex, they include free and premium. Choosing the right WordPress theme is certainly important because the correct theme seems to be a solution to everything. However, with numerous themes, it can be quite a challenge of choosing a WordPress Theme. Before buying a theme, or spending your time to custom it, check this list of do’s and don’t of choosing a WordPress Theme.

Do’s To Choose A WordPress Theme


1.Make a list of features what you want


The priority of purchasing a theme, you have to determine which features are suitable for the purpose of your business website. WordPress has a feature filter that helps you easy to customize your search for the specific feature you want. Thus, it’s important to make a list of selected features. For example, you can limit the considerable themes. The theme you choose should only have features that will help you make your website better.


 2. Choosing a responsive theme


Almost all people access the internet via smartphones and tablets, it’s very important to have a responsive website. Responsive means that the theme adapts to all devices from smartphones to laptop. Nowadays, many themes are friendly-mobile but there are still not. Don’t go with a theme that’s not responsive. You will miss lots of users. It’really not a good option. 

 3. Do Consider Buying a Premium Theme



Choosing a wordpess theme

Free themes don’t have to pay money but they are not as good as premium themes. Using free themes means that your website can take the risk because of not updated regularly, lack support…Premium themes come with more features, fully customized, and look better than free themes. Let’s consider to buy a premium theme with your budget. It’s will helpful for your website.

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4. Simplicity Is The Key


The golden role: Simple is the best. There are many WordPress themes. Many of it comes with complex layouts, unimportant javascript, numerous colors, and various others. A colorful website with a complex layout can stand out from the visitor’s eyes. But it overshadows the brand’s information. Simple content supports more focus on content and enhances your information. Normally, people love websites that put the user first.

5. Do Keep Color Impact In Mind



Color plays an important role in website appearance. A wonderful color theme brings brand recognition in more excellent. The statistics demonstrate that users prefer light color compared to the dark color. The light color makes your website design more conventional.  It enhances website visibility, readability. With dark color, you can use it with nigh mode selection. Keep what color you choose that the visitors like to see in mind.


6. Choose An SEO Optimized Theme


If the visitor will not find a website on Google, your site is worthless. You should make sure that your website appears on Google. WordPress provides various SEO optimized themes for your website. With a great theme, you can boost SEO as well as make your website more accessible to the Search Engine Results Page


7. Do test the theme thoroughly

Choosing of a WordPress theme


When you’re done with all content websites, you should review the site before officially announcing it to the world. Read your content again, check on the mobile phone to make sure all loads. You should also consider a hosting that provides staging environments 

Do’s To Choose A WordPress Theme

1. Don’t Choose a Theme that is Hard to Read     

Users tend to turn off a hard-to-read theme. The first impression is very important. Your theme should capture the visitor’s attention quickly. Make your fonts simple, easy to understand, and classy. It is easy if your website has familiar CSS. You can see some premium themes. You will 100% be able to adjust the font

2. Don’t Choose a Cluttered Theme

When choosing a theme, follow the less is more approach and only use features that you need. A theme with extra features may book nice but it has an effect on your time-loading website. Be sure just install every feature you think is nice

3. Don’t use copyrighted images. 

Choosing of a WordPress Theme

Avoid using copyrighted images as possible. You will run into trouble with their owner and delay your building of the website design. Ask permission if you want to use a copyrighted image. That way you can make sure your site attractive  

4. Don’t Use Too Many Of Widgets

 All WordPress comes with some default widgets. But not every widget is used. In addition, a higher number of widgets to your website, makes your website become cluttered. So, get away with unneeded widgets.


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