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Comparison Between WP Booking Plugin And SaaS Solution System (Part 2)

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The downside with the WP booking plugin

The only downside with the WordPress booking plugin is that you might not be able to enjoy the latest updates after having purchased the system. 

SaaS booking system

Software as a Service or SaaS are those scheduling systems working on the principle of monthly or yearly subscription. This means that you will either have to pay monthly or yearly foundation. The SaaS booking systems do not provide the customizability and option of usage.

Nevertheless, there is an upside to utilizing the SasS solution systems that you have full access to all the available systems in spite of the fact that you are going to utilize them in the future or not. You only own them right there. Therefore, you can use them whenever you want. You will not have to pay anything extra in your monthly or annual subscription. Additionally, all will be already available to you. This is the type of generosity that SaaS booking systems supply their clients with.

Mechanism of usage

Since illustrated above, the mechanism of usage is very easy. All you need to do is paying for their monthly or annually subscription. Moreover, you will have full access to all the available contents there.


Yet, unlike the WP booking plugin, you will not be able to utilize the software as you please. You will need to simply pay more to register more.

Neither you will have full access to the whole of the premium features because several of them cost more than the frequent subscription and keep the fact in mind that you do not have anything you are utilizing in subscription from the Software as a Service solution systems, too. The reason is that you are simply paying them per month or year to expand the term of usage or your contract with them.

However, when it attaches the usability the Software solution system is better as the early access to the services or features and all and as you have a better opportunity keeping track of each schedule. Moreover, you are able to simply ask the support team if you need troubleshooting or are meeting any other affairs. And they will sort out your problem right away. WP booking plugin might not be really generous with it.


It it better in terms of cost-effectiveness especially for the start-up companies to go with the SaaS booking system as they are still discovering their customers and do not know their market yet. They will have more customizability than ever and can work their way via the scheduling or booking system by utilizing SaaS solution system.

On the other hand, if you are a developed and sophisticated business as well as want to have something classic and permanent in terms of your frequent clientele and the nature of your business then the WP booking plugin should be your option. With all being said, it comes down to your individual preference which one do you think will turn out to be an incredible selection for your line of company and understand the reason.

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