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Do you buy a premium WordPress theme?

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When you decide to have a WordPress for your own business, there are many questions you want to know. Almost all questions will center around themes. There are many free themes on WordPress. If you want to create a simple blog, you can easily find a lot of good free templates. But with a premium WordPress theme, it offers a powerful, feature-rich theme. There are some pros and cons of why you should seriously consider using a premium WordPress theme.

What Is A Premium WordPress Theme?

In a simple word, a premium WordPress theme costs money. It means you have to pay money to buy a premium theme. There are no fixed standards or certification for a premium theme. It has been built by professional developers

The advantages of a free WordPress theme.

There are several points that make free WordPress is a considerable choice. Let’s see:


To be honest, the most valuable reason is free. With no money, you can easily choose any free WordPress theme: you can choose and test the theme and even leave them. Choosing a free theme provides a theme for your website while saving your money.

Officially Approved and Tested

All the WordPress themes available in the official marketplace have gone through a lot of test processes and they all must adhere to specific guidelines before being approved. This means you can trust the quality of free WordPress theme.


Free templates offer one specific type of site, minimum necessary settings. Thus you can install and start using free templates very quickly 

This can be a real plus since free themes are created simple mean better speed.

Your theme is always going to play a large role in how quickly your site loads, so the leaner the better.

The advantages of buying a premium WordPress theme.

With that in mind, let’s take a look at the advantages of buying a premium WordPress theme:

More features and customization options



One advantage that some of the premium themes will come with a bunch of plugins to improve it’s functionality. Functions can include interesting advertising, coding automatic thumbnail resizing, or additional colour schemes. Some of the best premium theme shops package their products with intuitive user interfaces, that allow you to make changes in design and formatting to your site at the click of a button. This helps you save time and maks your website look better.  

Due to the competition in the premium theme industry, theme shops are always trying to offer more features at lower prices.


The biggest advantage of WordPress premium is security. A free Worpress usually comes with malicious code. You can lose your website without support from development. Thus it goes better buying a premium theme to avoid losing your website.




If you want your blog to stand out from the crowd, a premium theme more unique. Because lots of other blogs will use the same theme. Almost all of the premium themes offer a higher level of quality. Designs are professional in their layout and aesthetics Take a premium theme – a clean and attractive design.

 In addition, you can totally expect responsive design. Nowadays, people are accessing your site by many types of devices. And it is therefore important to ensure that it remains functional across multiple platforms

You should buy a premium theme from a reputable source that guarantees a product of quality. 


When you install a free theme and you have an issue, you can ask the questions on the community. Some volunteers will answer your questions but you can’t expect to be helped fastly. When you install a premium theme, you can be supported by professional developers quickly. It’s always nice to have someone to turn to when the whole thing goes tits up



 A WordPress theme needs to be regularly updated to offer its services correctly. Premium WordPress theme is continually receiving feedback from users. Develops of premium theme always try to fix bugs and add new features to adapt customers’ requirements, ensure the theme works properly with new WordPress updates. Unlike free themes, developers are in the business for the long term.

Peace of Mind:

 Free WordPress themes have spam links and malicious code even many of the website which rank highly in Google. These free themes can negatively affect your website and search engine trust and rankings. When you buy a premium WordPress theme, you can believe in the theme that it is clean and optimized. 

Should you buy a premium WordPress theme?

How much money you pay, how quality you get! If you consider should or should not buy a premium theme, try to honestly answer these questions:

  • What are your website’s needs? Do you want a minimal or complex website?
  • Do you have a limited budget or you ready to invest some money in your website?
  • How important the aesthetic is for your online project?
  • Are you tech-savvy and ready to handle technical issues by yourself?

As with many things in life, you get what you pay for. But what about you? Do you use free themes, or are you happy to shell out a few bucks to get all of the extra benefits covered above?


Hopefully, this article has brought you much useful information to decide to buy or not buy a premium theme. 

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