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How can Central Booking System increase efficiency for your hotel?

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Some hoteliers tend to save money when starting a business, especially on the reservation system. However, you should keep in mind that this is an investment that is sure to be profitable in the future, so choose the system that suits your needs and financial capacity.

To see more about detail, we just see the other software may be online on Mobile or on lab, so that is the way to easily to find out what is kinds of booking system that suitable for the hotel. The central booking system is this kind to make more functions for the manage. In everywhere or whenever, you can easily control and using your smartphone or lab, which will help the manager knows what s happens, who reservation the hotel? Who must to take the responsibility to care consumer? Or what day that room is space and time to reservation of customer to arrange time for the cleaner. Taking yourself for hire the technology that sell the central booking software, it is better if the closer friend introduces because it the quality and quantity product. You can find more the information of some people who works in this field.

What is Central Booking System in the hospitality sector ?

Whether you are looking for a new resource to increase your bookings or want to optimize all your delivery processes and track it, you should definitely pay attention to the Central Booking System (CBS). This is a great tool for performing various tasks through a single system and taking your business to the next level. Let’s do it from the start and cover the basics.

CBS stands for Central Booking System which can be called a database distribution system. It is a software for centralized hotel management, transmitting information from the hotel management system (PMS / s) to the hotel’s own distribution channels such as a booking engine, call center or resource. third party: GDS platform as well as OTA, metasearch, etc. Bookings from third-party resources in turn are routed through the CRS to the hotel’s PMS so that all hotel data is synced and can be easily tracked.

hotel booking system

Why do you need it?

Due to recent studies, about half of bookings are made through OTAs. However, the study also shows that 50% of users who found a hotel through an OTA will visit a hotel website. It greatly increases your chances of booking directly through the booking engine. Considering this fact, you should hold on to all of your distribution channels to attract the maximum number of customers. This is exactly what Central Booking system can help you with. In addition to its significant advantage of providing full control over the booking process, Central booking system  has many other benefits. We list some of them below.

Unique booking system

The important advantage is that all hotel data includes room rates, hotel occupancy, availability, inventory, and more. collected in one booking system and synchronized across all channels. That means the front desk or sales manager doesn’t have to manually set prices and availability in each delivery resource. They do it through Central booking system. As a result, changes are visible to the traveler across all resources in real time. Such optimization eliminates human error, overbooking and double booking in one room, and saves time and money.

Dynamic rate and visibility

Hotel managers can be aware of the actual marketing situation and adapt their pricing strategies and policies as well as dynamic rates and pricing plans. Such a tool gives you flexibility in the market place and adjusts your rates for multiple distribution sources to match actual market conditions. Consequently, Central Booking System contributes to the implementation of multichannel strategies to increase a hotel’s global online presence and thus hotel revenue.

Promote your website

Besides OTA and other third-party distribution channels, you can also enjoy the possibility of increasing your website conversions by integrating this product. The Central Booking System and the booking engine must act as a single agency to promote direct bookings. CRS may pass information such as current hotel reservations, available rooms remaining or compare prices on other sources to the website. This way, the customer is persuaded to make an immediate booking directly through the reservation engine.


Central Booking System allows hoteliers to adjust extras such as seasonal rates, cancellation policies, meal rates and children, and additional personal contact with guests. If using the system, you can enter data about your guests, such as their date of birth, personal preferences, and room type, in order to build long-term, strong, customer-rated relationships.

These are important but not all of the improvements your hotel will receive when implementing Central Booking System. Here’s an overview of some other benefits you can enjoy:

hotel booking system

Other advantages of Central Booking System

  • Efficiency: you can access more distribution channels worldwide without having to tailor hotel data in all sources.
  • Time saving tool: the hotel manager doesn’t need to use multiple systems, all of your needs can be met using one platform synced with PMS.
  • Increase hotel visibility and performance: you can execute multichannel strategies and track them with this software.
  • Eliminate human errors: automated room rate setting, availability and room allocation are not required for employees.
  • Intuitive interface: easy and convenient management and adjustment of room rates.
  • Hotel flexibility in the market: hotel managers can continuously update real-time information to suit market conditions.
  • Monitor your hotel’s marketing: with Central Booking System, you can analyze the proficiency of your marketing strategy and make adjustments as needed.
  • Apply the latest hospitality technologies: you can move with time and benefit from cutting-edge tools.
  • Access to the system anytime and anywhere: Hotel chain managers can track bookings around the world through software

Criteria to consider when choosing a Central Booking system

With so many options on the market, it’s not always easy to choose the right one. Below, we will describe some of the most important selection criteria:

  • Make sure Central booking system  works with metasearch and GDS platforms, as they are the main sources of income.
  • Find out if the company has the ability to design pricing plans, individual offers and promotions to control occupancy during low season. Engaging customers with beneficial special offers, and receive multiple bookings more direct.
  • Choose Central Booking System which has an intuitive and user-friendly interface to enhance your personal work efficiency and to speed up the training of new employees.
  • Pay attention to a flexible reporting system to analyze the hotel’s marketing strategy and performance and make it easy to make adjustments.
  • Choose the Central booking system  provider that offers the highest level of support.

Hotel booking system

In conclusion,

The booking system is very important with the main of total hotel control to see what happen we need to select the best way to choose the good way for doing it, we need to make more suggestion to choosing the best product. Seeing the new item from some webs to take more selection, the manager can do more than works without booking. Saving the time to thinks the way to make more customers for the hotel , which must to put on the top of the manager.

Central Booking System is the product that helps the work to booking hotel easily. More than that, it has more than 1 functions and having many advantages. Actually, the managing the hotel is really important for your work. Having the tool to supporting the work will help the manager easily for control all of work. So, this is the best tool for the managing hotel. In addition, it will bring more efficiency when working and creating the good environment to connect the customer and employees of the hotel. Increasing revenue and pushing up the quality of client in the short future.

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