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How online booking system increase revenue for  businesses?

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According to some recent studies, small businesses, leveraging local SEO, were able to increase average revenue by 37% using the online booking system. That is what we have always aimed for in the state-of-the-art online booking system, which has significantly improved revenue compared to not using the system. In this article, I want to talk about how the online booking system can be successful for your business.

Finding more about online booking system?

In some cases, local businesses that added online booking systems to their websites saw a 120% increase in revenue.

Since nearly half of all Google searches are for local information and 80% of them convert, it’s fair to say that local SEO is extremely important to small business success.

It’s also understandable that most local businesses and marketers have put more effort into being found than converting their website SEO traffic so far.

However, our recent research on proprietary local services business data shows that simply adding an online booking system to convert more traffic generates disproportionately large revenue. good for small businesses.

There have been a lot of application businesses and remarkable success in increasing revenue from month to year, all with a simple system that makes management easier and more convenient.

While local searches already have solid conversion rates, focusing a little on improving conversions can drastically increase revenue – and online booking is a simple way (and visualization) to do it.

The good news is that it’s easier than ever to add an online booking system to a website. If you are building a website for a client, adding a website won’t take long and your customers will see tangible results.

You will find that all jobs when used through the system will be handled easily, save time and above all, the satisfaction of your customers.

Here are the benefits of including an online booking system on your client’s website, along with tips and tools that make it simple for most industries.

4 benefits of online booking system

Adding an online booking system helps a small business to serve their customers better in the following ways:

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Get 24/7 booking

We’ve found that 35% of customers prefer to book appointments after hours, so our online booking system can help you reach them even when you’re not in the office.

No matter where customers are, at any time, online online booking system is always active and easy to operate. Make sure things are always going smoothly and with little difficulty

Less administration time

Online booking system can eliminate the time required to collect, schedule and import bookings into your system and it connects the appointment directly with your customer’s calendar or schedule. This can reduce scheduling mistakes.

Competitive advantage

Our research shows that only 23% of local service businesses have online booking systems to attract leads generated by local search, even though half of them prefer to book. online rather than over the phone. Providing online booking services gives local small businesses a clear competitive edge and makes it easier for customers to reach them.

Increase revenue

Because it’s easier for your customers to buy and schedule appointments the way they want them to be, they are more likely to do so, meaning more sales and leads for your customers – on average 37%.

4 tips for implementing a successful online booking system

The software packages available today make it especially easy to deploy an online booking system for any business. However, from a marketing perspective, here are 4 things to keep in mind that help businesses realize potential profits when adding an online booking system to their website.online booking system (8)

Place pre-book and mid-book options on your client’s website

One of the reasons local search has such a high conversion rate is that many people are motivated by commercial intent – that is, a desire to buy a product or service.

So why not make it stupidly simple by adding a reservation system and hub on your customer’s website?

Here’s a great example of this being done well: The multipurpose plumbing system has an Online Booking button on the top right menu of the homepage, making it easy for customers to book online appointmentsbooking system

Integrate online booking into your customers’ social channels

Customers use apps like Yelp to find a local business that can help them – and Yelp alone has 36 million monthly active users. So adding online booking directly to your client list is an easy way to engage customers right on these platforms.

Some online booking tools will even integrate into Instagram, Facebook, and Google Business. If you’re adding online booking to a client’s website, think about choosing a system that easily integrates into their other social channels.

booking system

Ensure online booking integrates with your client’s calendar

The beauty of the online booking system is that it not only drives revenue, but also cuts down on the administration work most businesses have to do behind the scenes.

Online booking systems are almost always integrated with your client’s calendar or schedule, so it cuts down on the transfer of information from phone calls to digital platforms – and reduces the errors in scheduling. And the online reservation system does so 24/7, even when the business is closed.

Note: Calendar integration is standard with most online booking software today, but it’s worth confirming.

Choose a system designed for your client’s industry

Different business models have different needs – what is right for the salon may not be right for a pest control company. And while generic online booking software solutions are available, a specialized product will often be better suited to your client’s specific business model.

Online booking software for (almost) every industry

Websites like Capterra, G2 and Software Consulting offer users the opportunity to rate software on any industry and purpose. Here are some of the top rated online booking software solutions for different industries.

+) For general appointment settings: Acuity scheduling

Acuity Scheduling works well for small and medium businesses and individual professionals. It allows you to automate your appointments with a real-time view of how much time you have available, and can automatically sync your calendar according to your time zone.

+) For activities and events: Bookeo

Bookeo helps tour operators manage appointments, build a customer database, coordinate and receive payments online, and more. It is highly customizable and integrates with marketing channels.

+) For restaurants: OpenTable

You’ve probably heard of (and may have used) Open Table before. This is a great solution for restaurants as it’s comprehensive and includes seat selection, reservation modifications, and more. This platform helps restaurants prevent losing customers to competitors due to long waiting times.

+) For healthcare, beauty and health care businesses:

Booker by MINDBODY is best suited for businesses in the cosmetics and wellness industries, such as spas and beauty salons. It includes social bookings, an integrated scheduler, email marketing, built-in point of sale functionality, customer surveys, and more.

+) For service businesses: Housecall Pro

In addition to online booking, Housecall Pro makes it easy for service businesses like plumbers or HVAC companies to automate paper-demanding businesses, such as maneuvering, payment processing, and automatic calculation, receipt and invoice, etc.


Adding an online booking system is an easy way to convert more traffic for small businesses. Real revenue can be achieved by adding an online booking system – a system many businesses have not yet realized. Keep this in mind for your next website build and help your customers increase their sales by adding this simple website!

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