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How You Can Solve Your B&B’s Direct Booking System Dilemma ?  

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As good as it is, it’s not possible to collect 100% of your reservations directly through your website.

A commission-free booking is always a blessing for a breakfast-only hostel but the reality is that online travel agencies have a lot of power and money. They are very efficient at capturing bookings, so the need for these channels will always remain.

Metasearch sites like TripAdvisor and Google are also offering booking services, making the challenge even more difficult for small accommodation providers.

The good news is that the majority of bookings will soon be made online, giving you a better chance of securing the direct booking you want. To compete with the larger channels, however, your booking process needs to be consistent, if not passing OTAs.

This means making your website simple, easy to understand, smooth and secure. By taking a methodical approach and covering all properties, you can make the most of your direct booking strategy.

Here are our tips for solving the dilemma of your direct booking system:

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Make your website mobile in the booking system

This is probably the most important thing you can do. With the prominent rise of mobile devices. Tnooz reports 25% of current bookings are coming from mobile devices and an additional 50% of travelers complete a booking if the site is optimized for mobile devices. It also gives travelers more opportunities to book on run times or on short runs and you should respond to this by displaying last minute promotions.


Take great pictures

Since 40% of travelers don’t book the first time they visit your site. You need to increase your chances of attracting them the first time, lest they book somewhere else. One way to do this is to engage them with a high-quality image that feels warm and welcoming. You want your guests to imagine yourself curled up in bed and pampered. You also need to optimize your images for the web so that they don’t affect the functionality of your website’s load time.

Notes on ‘The Billboard Effect’

Even if a guest discovers your property on an OTA, they can still visit your website and eventually make a reservation directly with you. This is an example of a billboard effect. To boost your conversions from this case, your booking process should be as easy as possible so they can complete the booking quickly. A booking engine allowing additional purchases during this period would also be beneficial.

Create a personal experience and build loyalty

Even simple things like letting guests choose what’s in their mini-bar will keep them on a positive mind and let them know you’re giving them the freedom of choice they want. Movements like these make them more likely to join your loyalty program than you should have. Offering exclusive deals and promotions to participants will keep your hotel a good substitute for future repeat bookings. This can also extend to social media, if you give a discount or offer free wifi to your Facebook, Twitter or Instagram followers. That s in the booking system

Experiment with paid advertising

While it can be difficult for some businesses or a short-term option for others, you should consider implementing tactics like retargeting. This can increase your bookings, so look for an option that best suits your respective property.

Keep the database correct

If you have a cloud-based booking engine, you have instant access to all the guest information you need. This will allow you to provide repeat bookers with their favorite room, personalize email, and better analyze your business.The booking system will do it for you.

Visual storytelling will increase direct bookings at your breakfast-only hostel

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Increasing bookings can often be based on increasing brand awareness and creating a brand image that people remember and connect with.

A customer may visit your website for a number of reasons; Search directly on the web, after meeting you on the OTA or through your social media marketing. In any case, this is your opportunity to ensure your customers don’t leave your website without a reservation.

Considering 52% of travelers will visit your breakfast-only website after meeting you on the OTA, it’s essential that you have full control over your image and work to gain trust. of customer. So you’re converting web traffic into free direct bookings, rather than sending them back to other booking sites.

The best way to show your true heart and soul in the breakfast-only lodge is by visual storytelling. Here are some of the best ways you can do this by booking system

The picture spoke a thousand words will do in booking system

A beautiful and emotional image always starts with pictures, and to fully showcase what your property has to offer, you need to ensure that you are displaying high resolution photographs of your assets. your biggest real estate.

Display your property image gallery via the well-presented and responsive photo gallery tab on your website.

You can then use this as a marketing tool to honor your great amenities, sell more gadgets and create a sense of personality by uploading photos of employees and guests, previously enjoyed their vacation.

 Use colors to represent your breakfast motels


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Color can be a very effective method of representing a brand in a lasting and memorable way. If someone asks you what brand comes to mind when you think red, the Coca Cola logo might be synonymous with your answer.

Humans are taught about color associations from an early age, so specific colors are associated with certain emotions that trigger action.

For example : Warm colors like red, orange, and yellow are eye-catching and effective at point of sale. Branding your direct booking buttons with these colors will help your customers understand what action they should take and where they can book.

Write a compelling description

Use custom pages to describe, display, and advertise what makes your property unique; like your relaxing location, restaurant, spa or garden.

B & Bs can improve their SEO and drive more bookings by writing about activities and attractions in your area, explaining why a customer should visit. Meanwhile, the “book now” button is prominently displayed on the page.

Little Hotelier’s built-in destination page automatically shows you local attractions and activities to attract your guests.

In conclusion, booking system have the important role in the way to help increasing revenue

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