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The Different Types Of WordPress Web Hosts

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It is important decision to choose a web hosting provider for your WordPress Website. Choosing right hosting is incredible how much of your success website. But today there are many types of web hosting. It makes your choice more difficult. To narrow down that choice, let’s see more about web hosting informations. It will help you decide which type of hosting you want. 

Shared Hosting 

As hosting’s name, Shared hosting means your website is shared with other website. The big advantage of this hosting is cheap.You use a super hosting with low price. It is from $5 to $10 per month. When you start an online bussiness, you should use this hosting to minimize costs because your website is not likely getting a ton of trafic at first.

In addition, Shared hosting is often targeted to beginners, it’s easy to use. It’s easy to install and complete other basic actions.

What’s the downside?

Because sharing the same server, your host limits the resources. A neighborhood site may affect the performance of your own site. Your time loading site is lower. Shared hosting is designed for beginners so you won’t get access to features such as caching. 

When that happens, you might want to upgrade to one of the other options on this list. If your site grows in traffic and content, it need more and more power

One problem is very difficult to restores a previous backup. Although some shared host have good backup services nowadays. But in overall, if anything goes wrong, you’ll need some technical expertise to do so

Another issue can be security. 

Managed WordPress hosting

Managed WordPress hosting has become hugely popular. It is designed for running wordpress without non -tech. The average cost of WordPress hosting is $25 to $35 month.  You will get all software and hardware for the WordPress application. Managed WordPress hosting is good hosting provider will keep your installation up-to-date. It will help you protect your site from security threats

It has some advantage:

Because This hosting is specially designed for WordPress. Thus it is hassle-free and very targeted solution.

This hosting is usually up-to-date the latest version. So it avoid security threats. In addition, the web host will support you any WordPress issue, you just say with them your problems, they will help. 

Website runs faster than regular Shared Hosting. And it can handle with increase traffics. In most cases the web host can increase the resources allocated to you as per your requirements so you do not need to worry about migrating your website when you need more resources.

What about disadvantages?

In some case, you don’t allow install some plugins and have to find an alternative  because of protecting security. Not only plugin, you will be restrict if you are looking into big or complex WordPress customizations or integration with other solutions

VPS Hosting

Like shared hosting, Virtual Private Servers share hardware with other users, but how that happens is quite different.

While your site and others are sharing one actual physical server, there are many different virtual machines to separate users.

VPS has 2 types: managed and unmanaged options. You can also choose what types you want.

The Advantage

There is better protection, security and better scalability

Better resources 

Better customization opportunities and more flexibility

Better reliability

What about disadvantages?

VPS is shared environment. Thus, there are some cases where web hosts do no allocate the resources appropriately, so if a number of VPSs use their resources at peak level they might affect the performance of your VPS and website.

Most web hosts which provide VPS solutions only support VPS and networks. They will not help you with WordPress specific issues.

An unmanaged VPS is only suitable for technically savvy because have to manage everything yourself, including installing security patches, configuring the web server, backups and everything else. Even ‘Managed” VPS, you have to coding knowledge. For example you must understand PHP version to tell it for hositing company to install.

Dedicated Hosting

Dedicated hosting is to pay for the entire server. It means a single server hosts a single website. You don’t have to share the resources with any other website. You will have to control of your own server  and security system.

Advantages Of Dedicated Hosting

Because you have to pay a high cost, it has great customer support, often 24/7 all over the year. It means you will be supported anytime you face any issue. and Because you don’t share with others, there is no chance to face the threat from neighborhood sites.

With Dedicated Hosting, you don’t have to share the resources of the server with any other site. You can control your site as you want. Also, server uptime will be higher. 

Disadvantages Of Dedicated Hosting

Dedicated Hosting Is Expensive. It’s not economical to start-up and beginners

Operating a Dedicated Server need the technical knowledge to set up and manage.


I hope that you can choose one of the types of website hosts that I have collected here.

Leave comments if you have any questions about my post. I am willing to answers all of your questions.

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