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Top 10 “must-have” features of the online booking system

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Whether you offer cooking courses, four-wheeled bike tours, or Exit-Games, you’ll definitely want to make the online booking process as creative and easy for your guests as possible.

Why? Because today’s customers are accustomed to booking hotels with their Smartphones, booking a table in a restaurant and buying tickets to online concerts with very few clicks – whether from home, on Their laptops are often on the go. And they also expect this option for entertainment activities. This is when the online booking system came into being.

However, in choosing the right booking software, there are a few things you really need to think about. Because a good booking engine not only provides functions that make the client’s life easier, it also has a number of functions that help you reduce tedious and time-consuming work.

Booking System is a diversified online booking system with many best features. Support for management and easy control.

Booking system is applied in many places and currently brings high work efficiency.

So to help you out a little more, we’ve listed 10 must-have features that you should definitely take into account when choosing your online booking system:

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Make online reservations in real time.

One of the biggest benefits of a booking solution is that customers no longer have to ask questions first and wait for your response, and you don’t have to deal with them manually. Instead, your customers will be able to directly view all available dates and make a reservation. If there are no more openings on a single day, this will be blocked in real time to prevent further bookings without having to lift your hand!

This operation is really simple and shows up fully on the computer screen and phone for you to easily select and easily book in real time.

Different currencies and languages

Most entertainment organizers also want to reach international buyers. So it’s really important for them to have the chance to book at least in English and, in the best case, in their own language, and to pay in their own currency. Ultimately, there is a risk that if a customer cannot understand what or how they can book a room because of the language barrier, they will only book a room with a competitor. Ideally, the online booking system will detect which language and currency should be used from the customer’s IP address.

Therefore, with the convenient reservation system, no matter which country the guest is booking, they can freely choose their language on the language display button. Choosing a room and viewing details about the price and interior of the room is easy and convenient. Just one light touch on the screen, the whole world of booking appears for you to choose from.

Create and manage vouchers through online booking system.

For many reasons, vouchers are extremely important to businesses. Not only do they include redeemable vouchers, but also special promotions to stimulate the marketing of your experience. No matter what kind of documents you use, they can be effectively created and managed in a way that is clearly understood in the reservation system. You can also import offers from external coupon gateways such as Groupon so that your customers can redeem them themselves when booking online.

Creating a voucher on the system will attract more customers when entering the website. More than that, creating vouchers will help save time costs and pull more customers

Payment via PayPal

PayPal is a safe and simple way of making online payments, which is why it’s being used with increasing frequency. And by users from all over the world. It shows that you value the security and privacy of your customers, which creates trust. At the same time, you have the reassurance that you will receive guaranteed online payments directly from your customers. PayPal as a payment option should therefore not be lacking in any of the great online booking systems.

Therefore, paying through Paypal when combined with booking online will be a great choice for managers. Combined with this payment method, all currencies can be paid, simple steps are not complicated and everyone can use it. This online sound bar is available in almost every country and is used by many other merchants.

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Smart calendar / diary

An intelligent and easy-to-understand booking or booking schedule that provides users with a summary of all bookings, capacity, and revenue for the requested time period. This will greatly simplify your resource planning. To avoid unnecessary work, the reservation log can also be synchronized with the digital diary that has been used, such as Outlook or Gmail.

This is really necessary because when customers book online, there is a need to have a successful confirmation email and inform the specific time and place so that customers can still know. Should design emails so that they are beautiful and standard, highlighting the brand of the mail received will attract customers’ attention.

Online and telephone support for booking software

Sooner or later, when using software, you always reach the point where you need help from the developers. At those times, there is nothing more frustrating than not being able to get the help you expect from a software developer, or even the help that has been promised. Usually, the Details Help database is sufficient for you to find solutions to your reservation, reservation or capacity issues yourself. But if that’s not the case, you can contact the developer both online and by phone. One tip: when you’re testing your booking software, test the Support feature too.

When a customer makes a reservation on the system, it is necessary to have information on the customer service side of the name and how the guest booked. Customers who need support and care will help customers have a good impression of the professionalism level.

Automated e-mails make management easier

Send regular standardized e-mails, such as booking confirmations, reservation reminders, cancellation, and more. take up too much time. It’s tedious and tedious work, sure to be automated by a reservation system. This is an example , a reservation confirmation will be sent to a customer immediately after booking online. This helps the customer to make sure that the booking has actually been made. However, the reservation system should not only send confirmation e-mails to your guests, but also provide the option where you are also informed.

Manage reservations via smartphones and tablets

Those who provide outdoor activities in particular do not sit at the computer all day, but often run the business while on the move via a Smartphone or Tablet. This is why the online booking system should run on the Cloud platform. After that, it will not only be accessible worldwide, but will also be automatically updated and maintained.

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Integrate marketing platforms

When choosing your booking solution, you should make sure that it integrates many different marketing platforms. These may include, for example, TripAdvisor, GetYourGuide, EventimGuide, Jollydays, Kochschule.de or Viator. These booking gateways increase the reach for potential new customers and, in the best case, can generate a few bookings as well. It is important that these bookings are automatically synchronized immediately with the booking software. Then you have complete control over quotas, dates and prices.

Safe capital management

Of course, a good booking engine should provide at least the first nine points listed above, in order to ensure that your day-to-day chores are made significantly easier. But none of these functions will be used unless the tenth point is also performed. The most important element of all is a solution provided by a trusted and reliable company to securely collect your data and generated capital. Which includes the fact that in the event of an insolvency, your money will be safe. This can happen if your capital is not actually managed by the company itself, but in the best case an escrow account is set up for you with a Trustworthy Bank that manages your own funds.

Conclusion, the way to create a Booking system is really important with the manager . So, it must be including 10 function that was offer above. This will help the customer having the looking for good service, saving money and expenses.

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