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What is an online booking system and why your business needs it

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With the exploring of e-commerce and technology in this digitalization, online booking system is popular than ever. Why? Maybe those statistics will impress you. 70 percent of consumers used internet to find information of products before making a buying decision. If you are running business in hospitality and travel industry, from 20 to 40 are the percentage of booking costs that you have to pay for the OTAs. What do you think about this figure? When the internet is widespread all over the world, the number of user tend to increase, leading to the trend of users buying, booking, booking tickets, etc. And when OTA commissions are increasingly “expensive”, hoteliers should look for another business path that will hit customers’ minds, reduce commission costs and achieve high sales.

Almost users prefer the site which support online booking system because it’s much more convenient for both customers and business owners. besides the benefits of online booking, have you ever known exactly what is an online booking system and why your business needs it?To clarify more about it, you should read this post now.

What is an online booking system?

An online reservation system is a software you can use to manage reservations. They allow business that operating in hospitality and travel industry to accept online reservations and better manage their phones and personal reservations. But they also do more than that. Basically, they are a big step forward from online booking system.

Online booking and reservation systems can be integrated into your website or even social media page easily. Customers simply visit your website, select the service they want to book and fill out the booking form. They then pay through the payment gateway to transfer the payment to you. The whole process only takes a few minutes, so it’s more convenient for both customers and you. Also, the system is updated all the changes in information automatically. You can easily accept, schedule and reject them and this action will be automated. Besides, all the information will be safe. It’s stored and protected by encryption and SSL security protocol.

Why your business needs it

1. Because your customers want a booking system

According to Capgemini (https://www.capgemini.com/resources/the-disconnected-customer-what-digital-customer-experience-leaders-teach-us-about/?utm_source=pr&utm_medium=social&utm_content=dcx_groupsm_image_report_none&utm_campaign=disruptdigital_disconnected_customer), 80% of customers are willing to purchase or book a company that offers excellent customer experience.

How many bookings you have lost in a day because it’s taken more time to get answer back? Or just because your phone line was too busy to answer another phone calls? Or because your offices were on the day off? What if you had a simple, efficient and reliable reservation system available on all devices, at all hours of the day? A system that allows your customers to book in minutes, at anytime, anywhere they want.

2. Because it’s increasing your revenue opportunity

As I mentioned above, the booking system will help you optimize the booking process, thereby increasing the number of bookings in the same time period. Besides, with online booking system, it encourage customers come back for the booking room. When guests check-out, you can send them small gifts or discount vouchers to thank guests for booking online through the hotel’s website. This makes customers feel more received and will not hesitate to book online in the next visit.

You should regularly implement promotions as well as customer appreciation policy to create a more friendly feeling for them. At the same time, providing additional services: tours, airport transfers, catering services, …, customers will feel secure and comfortable when using a package service from online booking system.

Additionally, you can create many incentives for customers such as booking 1 month in advance will be discounted 20%, 15 days in advance will be discounted 15% or discount for customers booking at the last minute to attract bookings at the end of the day, weekends.

So with all this in mind, you are combining the action program attached to the online booking system simultaneously that help to increase sales.

3. Optimize the booking rooms

Previously, when guests wanted to book, cancel or confirm a tour / hotel room, they would have to call or directly to the hotel, travel agency to do this. But the online booking system to maximize the reservation, the hotel will not face tour / redundancy even during the low season. At the same time, it also brings convenience to their customers who only need to sit in one seat to perform all activities, the booking system also automatically opens online to give other customers the opportunity to book when there is tour or rooms cancellation

4. An online booking system reduces operation costs

The process of taking and managing bookings, calendars, resources and appointments is essential. It can be a major drain on time and operational cost.

Mainly this is because organizations are clinging to traditional methods; which equals a lot of manual admin.

Think of the time spent managing a phone enquiry, an email response, logging the booking information into the diary or whatever manual booking process you have. The email to confirm the booking, the taking of payments, the reminder email or call, customer lists, etc. But now with online booking system, you won’t do that anymore.

5. Because it provides the statistics about your business

A booking engine system provides you with an overview and analysis of their businesses. Quickly identify tours / rooms, best-selling services, time slots are set, … with the statistics shown clearly. Take advantage of time and money on unnecessary marketing services that the hotel is still maintaining.


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