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Why Should You Use WordPress For Website

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WordPress is the most popular website platform in thư world from the blog, online store… to the hotel website. But it is not a big reason why you should use WordPress. So what is the reason? 

In this article, I will share the reasons why you should use WordPress for your business.

What exactly is WordPress?

WordPress is a content management system (CMS), which you can display your content and images. It is easy to install and beginner-friendly. Every content appears on your site from the header with your business name to the footer with your contact. You can use WordPress to make a website, create an online store, or start a blog.

It’s time to talk about why should use WordPress.

1. WordPress is Free as in Freedom

One big reason is free, with no one-time or monthly fees required to install the platform. Of course, you still pay for web hosting or you want to buy a theme to custom your own website. WordPress offers tons of support options, more customizability. It’s an incredible system, and the basic platform is one hundred percent free in two very important ways

2. WordPress is easy to set up, manage, and update.

WordPress is simple to use, you don’t need to be an HTML coder or an expert. If you are a beginner, WordPress is totally the right choice for you. Once installed, Once installed, you can add the pages and posts on your WordPress website.  WordPress is easy to add and manage images with your own content. You can edit all you want via a simple admin dashboard.

WordPress releases the new update version every few months so its regular updates for the core software. Using the WordPress updates section on your dashboard, you can easily manage these updates in just a few clicks.

3. WordPress Is Built for SEO

It’s important for every website to be search engine friendly. WordPress is written with the best coding techniques, which makes it highly optimized for SEO. This is why WordPress tends to higher ranking than others in search engines. You can also use WordPress SEO Plugins to further optimize your website. For example, a popular choice is YOAST,  which can analyze a post and help you improve your post to gain better results from Google and other search engines.

4. Take security seriously.

WordPress is created by professional developers with security in mind. It is well-renowned for being safe and secure. There are numerous banks that use WordPress as their official sites.

WordPress also keeps your site’s software up to date easily, which is critical to keeping hackers and data thieves out of your site. Some WordPress software updates automatically, to prevent viruses or bad neighborhood

However, just like the real world, the internet can be an uncertain place.  To protect your WordPress, you can do some steps or install some plugins to avoid security vulnerabilities.

5. WordPress Has the Largest Community

Since the popularity of using WordPress, there are various forums, social channels, discussion boards, and more. You have countless guides, tutorials, and resources that can be found online. If you have a problem, you can find the solution on the WordPress.org forum or any group on social media. WordPress communities are available on Facebook, Twitter…

Besides, you can also get support from the professional developers

6. WordPress Can Handle Different Media Types

WordPress is not just limited to writing text. It supports images, videos, all types of media. It’s easy to insert images, videos, audio in a blog post within single click.  Once published, the media content will display beautifully on your pages and posts

WordPress also allows you to display and download documents, PDFs, and other files. If your file size is large, you can increase the maximum file upload size in WordPress.

7. Plugins Add Functionality and Enhancements

The popularity of WordPress tends to increase the wealth of plugins, which enhances the functionality of the users’ site. There are lots of plugins you can use to make your website work exactly the way you want it to.

Other favorites include plugins to add user registration (for sites that want to include visitor memberships), eCommerce support in order to sell items online, VaultPress for automated backups, and MailChimp 

8. Customizable Themes

WordPress is the perfect solution for non-tech savvy but they want to create their own website. There are thousands of free website templates. It‘s easy to customize because lots of themes come with their own options panel allowing you to edit color, text…You can change the background, create beautiful sliders without writing any code at all.

You can see Great Booking WordPress Theme for Website to more ideas to custom your website.


I hope that you know more about the reasons why you should use WordPress

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